Flora Chan,  Design & Art Direction

Where did all my diskettes go?

What did Maslow want but not need?

Is home where the art is?

Do I like pop music?

What holds all my organs in place?

Do people go to the desert and pretend that it's the beach?

Will I ever forget my first memory of reading? 

Does my grandmother remember who I am?

Why do I like blankets even in the summer?

Glob, globe, globule?

Are static shocks the universe's reminder that I exist?

Who coined the word 'pumpernickel'?

Am I as kind as I want to be?

What is it like to be a modern child?

How does one become more substantial?

Why do I make things that make me sad?

Pimples or canker sores?

How about a competitive eating challenge for placebo pills?

Will I like heavy metal someday?

What am I running towards when I say that I like running?

Will I ever be strong enough to run away from a robber?

Can God be reframed as consciousness?

Why are inflatables visually pleasurable?

Why do people paint fruit?

Why do I enjoy the idea of painting fruit?

How is bathroom art a thing?

Has there ever been a stand-up comedian who performed sitting down? 
Muffin top, or pooch-above-the-cooch?

How many varieties of hot sauce have I attempted?

Is Frigidaire the most literal brand name ever?

Will I ever overcome my fear of knitting needles?

Can one be an acupuncturist while maintaining a needle phobia?

What happens when I'm no longer stretchy enough to clip my own toenails?

Do birds remember dinosaurs?